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Whether you're brand new to filmmaking or have been there a while, I'm starting this blog to share my journey in filmmaking in the hope that some of what I say is useful!

By adamsky1987, Sep 10 2017 09:32AM

It's been a very long time since I even thought about blogging... actually for years I felt like I had a blog because you were meant to have one on your website to keep people informed or to vent about things you didn't like much, so I had one and I used it... and nobody cared. That's the lesson, nobody actually cares about whether or not you didn't like Transformers, or whether you're making some appearance at some convention nobody has ever heard of. Blogs have the unfortunate ability to confuse self promotion with information and make you curiously blind all the while.

So after all this time I've decided to restart blogging... this time I want to transfer some of my experiences making my journey in film and television production to any potential readers who might be considering starting their own journey and havent the foggiest idea of where they might begin in the hope that the information I share is informative, useful and in some way makes the very difficult road I'm walking down, a little easier for those who may follow.

It's easy to see success as being your destination, where you want to get to but more and more I'm learning that success is actually the journey... the destination keeps moving, changing and adapting as confidence grows or sometimes, in a rough patch, shrinks back a few steps and you amend your targets.

2017 has so far been a year of ups and downs, from watching some incredible young people I've worked with make their first steps into their own productions to working with some incredibly difficult clients on some very pressurised gigs but I wouldn't change it for the world. You learn more, as they say, from your bad experiences than you do from the ones that sail by smoothly and I'm trying to take that on the chin every day.

It can't go well all the time but that is okay. It's about having a structure, a plan and a goal and then executing that strategy step by step in small increments. You will see progress, but you must not run before you can walk, time is on your side.

I'll leave it there for today before I get all whimsical and nonsensical but I'm going to try to keep this blog up to date at least once a week where I can.

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